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Sharing living space

When you enter the world of all-things student, you might have to consider living with a roommate, a total stranger. It can either be the beginning of a blossoming friendship or the start of a dreadful “prison sentence” that might affect your educational performance.

Choosing to live in a university residence or renting a nearby campus flat will surely have its ups and downs. But to make your decision a little easier, Student Living brings you a real-life account of what life is like for a student with a roommate. University of Pretoria former student Jennilee Blom lived in Huis Klaradyn, a residence at the university, during her first year and also in a private apartment, mere metres away from campus, while completing her degree in Publishing.

“I would say that setting boundaries is probably the first thing you should get out of the way when moving in with a roommate,” she says. “Be sure to know what annoys your roommate and be considerate, within reason. Discuss which belongings are off-limits and which ones are for communal use.

Also, make the conscious decision to discuss any problems with respect. Furthermore, decide on chore responsibilities. Communication is incredibly important when sharing a living

space.” Blom speaks about the stresses that classes, exams, and assignments can bring and that sometimes, these stresses can translate into conflict at res or in your flat. “Conflict is unavoidable. Be mindful to discuss the matter calmly, make sure both parties get the opportunity to voice their feelings and concerns and try to find a solution that is fair according to both.” You have to remember that your stay in res or your flat close to campus will be your home for the next three or four years, give or take.


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