Affordable GLO Multipurpose Dishwashing Soap – Dynamic Duo

Vhugala Tshikota Munasi serves as a prominent shareholder of Munasi Makhode Incorporated Pty Ltd, a company established in September 2022. This venture precedes his collaboration with partner Mr. Mbudzeni Makhode. The company’s origin story can be traced back to Tshikota’s individual effort in creating a unique liquid soap. The resulting product, known as “GLO’s dishwashing liquid,” reflects their shared innovation. The company name, “Munasi Makhode,” blends their surnames into a unified identity.

Tshikota emphasizes the versatility of their creation, which can effectively clean various surfaces. The product excels in dishwashing and furniture cleansing without the need for strenuous scrubbing. A simple application, gentle squishing, and rinsing are sufficient. Tshikota underscores that their primary goal goes beyond profits; they aim to provide substantial value by maintaining modest profit margins of just 10%. This strategic choice aims to assist customers in navigating inflation challenges.

GLO’s dishwashing liquid contains a small amount of sodium hypochlorite, a well-known compound for stain removal. Tshikota’s inspiration stems from his grandmother, Mrs. Agnes Matamba Munasi, who struggled with expensive cleaning agents. Tshikota’s commitment to easing her burden led to his research-driven mission to create an effective homemade detergent solution.

Educational videos on YouTube served as Tshikota’s learning platform. Armed with newfound knowledge, he combined sulfate, sodium lauryl, sodium chloride, colorant, and alcohol denat to create his product. Notably, including a touch of sodium hypochlorite sets GLO’s dishwashing liquid apart.

In the business arena, Tshikota underscores the importance of feedback. Open to constructive criticism, he and his partner actively seek input from their valued clientele. This approach fosters continuous improvement and highlights their dedication to delivering an optimal product tailored to the needs and preferences of their loyal customers.

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