The moment BMX brought it all home for Courage Adams

What inspired him

It was when he was watching the BMX Nigeria film that focused on the local crew of riders who are building Lagos’ BMX scene from the ground up that the idea of travelling back to Nigeria first crossed Adams’s mind.In April 2019, he decided to go and visit them. In Encouraged, he spends time riding with some of these BMX pioneers and travels to Benin City to meet up with family members he hasn’t seen in over 15 years.


Born in Benin City, Adams moved to Spain as a five-year-old when his father had saved enough money to bring his family to live with him in the Basque Country. “Everything was thanks to my father,” he says. “He lived to work, to bring in money. He’s the one who helped me to get a better life.”At 11, he scraped together enough money to buy his first BMX and it was a match made in heaven. He started making his mark on the European BMX street scene as a teenager and is now one of the most exciting talents out there.


The family reunion in Benin is the most moving moment of what is at times a journey of self-discovery for Adams.“I always knew that Nigeria was part of me,” he comments, “but this was the first time I’d been back with my bike, and it felt very different, very comfortable. We went to my grandma’s place in Benin, saw my aunties and cousins. It was great to be able to show them my BMX because most of them didn’t really understand what it is that I do for work.”

It was great to be able to show my family my BMX because most of them didn’t really understand what it is that I do for work

Courage Adams


“The first thing now is to get a skatepark opened in Nigeria,” says Adams. “A skatepark will help improve lives and provide some more opportunities. When you’re good at something, there are no limits – and a skatepark will give people the chance to get better, to travel, get sponsorship. Nigeria is huge and the potential there is unlimited.”

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