A young entrepreneur gives life to people with his candle business

BY: Vuyo Cebekhulu

Our source of light has been candles lately. Makatu Tshivhula, a 25-year-old entrepreneur and Psychology graduate from Nelson Mandela University. He is the owner of THE LIGHT CANDLE, brightening homes with his candle business.

Makatu graduated in 2019 and returned home due to unemployment. It was there that he decided to register his company in August 2020, although operations didn’t commence until February 2021. Prior to launching his own venture, he volunteered for five months at another candle company, ultimately deciding to start his own business.

“Being a volunteer there for five months made me aware of the opportunities that are around in terms of business,” he said.

His candle business produces a variety of candles including household fluted candles, scented candles, pillar candles, dinner candles, figurine candles, and many more.

Makatu’s candles are popular among churches, traditional healers, event companies, and people who appreciate the quality of the candles and the different colors. He buys his candle-making materials locally, although he does not want to unveil his source and prefers to keep it a secret.

Besides being a psychology graduate, Mr. Makatu does not have much professional background. He has always been an entrepreneur. Before selling candles, he used to sell iPhones and rent out hubblies to clubs and restaurants.

He has worked with a couple of celebrities such as Sjava, the South African singer for his label, 1020 cartel, and also with an IT company called E-4. Last year, he worked for a supply chain company called Rosh Products. He also hopes to work with more people in the future.

Not only does he sell candles in his company, but he also sells snuff, candle holders, incense (impepho), sea salt, and incense sticks.

“My favorite candle is the money-festing candles. I changed the word manifesting to moneyfesting. It is a mixture of gold and white, and they come in a smooth range. In terms of fragrance, my favorite is vanilla, since I am a simple guy,” he said.

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