My dad once told me that if I want to go far in life I should have a good head on my shoulders, not focus too much on my beauty and always ask for things with a smile. Lol, of course, my dad thinks I’m pretty. .. I’m his daughter  Anyway… a female friend of mine in high school also told me that those that are able to age properly without fear of “getting old” are those that were told how smart they are rather than those that were bombarded on how gorgeous and beautiful they are.

You see, I grew up thinking that everyone is beautiful. I didn’t see anyone as more or less pretty than me. To me, life was about having fun, making friends and LIVING. It even bothered me when men would try to put my sisters and me against each other by telling us that one is prettier than the other. It never made sense to me because I would always be in shock. If you wanna give me a compliment, don’t do so at the cost of my loved ones. Beauty is always relative.

My upbringing was so interesting that I lived in this delusion that the man that I’m gonna settle with will be one that sees my true beauty and not care whether I wore makeup or not.

All he would care about was my heart and my intellect.

Lol, what a time to be alive!! Have you ever tried going on a date without makeup? I think because we so used to wear it, we feel self-conscious without it.

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