Tuks FM – Quarantine Connection

Tuks FM – Quarantine Connection during #COVIDLockdown

Keeping the student airwaves live during the lockdown period, TuksFM
presenters will be hosting shows from the comfort of their homes. They are
dedicated to bringing you relatable stories. The station encourages you to get involved whilst you’re in quarantine.

Another exciting part about TUKSfm Lockdown radio program hosting is that it will be hosted on Whatsapp. The station sees this as the best way to reach people on platforms other than the usual FM band or digital streaming feed.

We’ll host features that will involve online participation via social media,
video or voice connection, interspersed with informative content regarding the latest COVID-19 updates.

The station’s presenters’ main aim during this time will be to humanise the
crazy reality faced by the country and the nation as a whole.

The newsdesk will be host video news bulletins five times per day, which
they’ll write and record from their homes.

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