Nursing to the Spotlight: Meet Miss Influence SA Semi-Finalist!

BY: Prudence Nhavingo

Welhemina Montoedi a 29-year-old female ambassador and an influencer who has managed to make it through the Semi-Finalist of Miss Influence South Africa.

She was born and raised in Pretoria, in the City of Tshwane.

Her journey of being an ambassador and an influencer has been in her heart since she was very young.

Welhemina said that she has been into pageants from pre-school days to high school level.

This is where her love for this noble career started.

She said that, she decided to follow this path with the aim of bringing positive change to the lives of people, and support and to empower the disadvantaged.

Brimming with smile of her face she said: “I want the effect positive change in my community and also learn, experience, and explore new things.”

This with the aim of empowering young girls, by collaborating with various organizations that are dedicated in empowering young girls from disadvantaged places to access vital resources and mentorship.

“As an influencer, to me, Miss Influence South African means empowering others to reach their full potential through recognition and support,” said Welhemina with her eyes sparkling with determination.

Being part of the Miss Influence South Africa, to her stated that her journey was a humbling experience.

“It was not easy because i had so many things to attend to, so, I had no time to socialize or attend family gatherings.”

However, through careful prioritisation, meditation, a healthy lifestyle and managing her schedule she made it this far.

This determined and motivated young woman is not only an influencer and an ambassador, but she also saves lives as she is a professional nurse.

She is also in the entertainment industry.

She explained that she grew up modeling, and she’s working on accomplishing her goal of becoming an actress.

Welhemina has been featured into a local drama series namely MTV Suga drama series in 2017.

“The most important qualities of a successful ambassador are love, leadership, professionalism, selflessness, and being a good communicator,” she claims.

According to this jack of all trades, balancing the demands of being an ambassador and Miss Influence South African was like pulling teeth.

“It has not been easy as i had to manage my daily schedule wisely but, through careful prioritization, I managed to put the important things first – like my studies, job and career.”

She also has projects that she running, which are being a black Barbie ambassador semi-finalist, Miss Township PTA semi-finalist.

In the next coming five years, the ambitious Welhemina sees herself sitting in a medical studies room and as businesswoman.

“I also want to do international pageants, and grow my transportation business,” she told Student Living.

Her motto that keep her going is: “You need power only when you want to do something harmful, otherwise love is enough to get everything done.”

When asked to give to the upcoming influencers and ambassadors one piece of advice, she said that you need to believe in yourself, be bold and confident enough to bring your thoughts and ideas to the table.

“Humble yourself and never doubt your input, always maintain professionalism and in everything apply love,” she noted, as she concluded.

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