ActionSA Councillors Unveil Thriving Farming Project in Tshwane

By Makuwa Felicia

In a concerted effort to bolster food security within the Tshwane community, councillors from ActionSA alongside Tshwane MMC Peggy de Bruin and Tshwane Councillors have unveiled a significant project dubbed “Let’s Work the Soil.” This innovative initiative took root at Ntsako Secondary School in Soshanguve’s block FF.

The “Farm with ActionSA” project aims to provide guidance and support to both aspiring and current small-scale farmers, with the overarching goal of enhancing local agriculture and ensuring a more secure food supply. This initiative strives to tackle critical issues such as social justice, nutritional accessibility, job creation, and the cultivation of entrepreneurial skills, according to Councillor Mpumi Edward of the City of Johannesburg.

Councillor Mpumi expressed, “Our vision for this project envisions transforming abandoned spaces into flourishing food gardens that can significantly impact the community. We aim to repurpose these areas, which have previously been hotspots for criminal activities, into thriving agricultural hubs.”

Furthermore, she highlighted the project’s self-sufficiency by emphasizing the involvement of private donors in funding, reducing dependence on government resources.

Councillor Ayanda Mchunu, also from the City of Johannesburg, outlined the project’s ambition to convert disused dumping sites into small community gardens. These green spaces are intended not only to nourish families but also to foster micro-businesses within the community.

Councillor Kholofelo Marodi of the City of Tshwane added a poignant touch to the initiative’s location. “We have designated a specific area, the Palesa Malatji Agricultural Project, named in memory of a learner from Ntsako Secondary School who tragically lost her life and was abandoned on a dumping site,” she shared.

Peggy de Bruin, the MMC for Community and Social Development Services, underlined the importance of taking action and maximizing available space for agricultural purposes. She lauded the project for providing valuable farming knowledge and skills to the community at no cost, asserting that it was an opportunity not to be squandered.

This collaborative effort between ActionSA, City of Johannesburg councillors, and Tshwane officials holds promise in transforming neglected areas into vibrant centers of food production and community development. As the project gains momentum, its potential to contribute to a more secure and sustainable food future becomes increasingly evident.

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