ActionSA Makes Impactful Visit to Kgabo Clinic in Winterveldt

By: felicia Makuwa

ActionSA, a political party, recently visited Kgabo Clinic in Ward 19 at Winterveldt, accompanied by their MMC (Member of Mayoral Committee) Mr. Peggy de Bruin, MMC Hannes Coetzee, and their Councilors. This visit is part of their program aimed at assessing the conditions of clinics and their surrounding environments in the Tshwane region. Additionally, they signed a petition addressed to the Provincial Government, urging for improved services and infrastructure. As a gesture of warmth and hospitality, they also provided tea and scones to the people waiting in the clinic queue.

MMC Coetzee emphasized the party’s commitment to serving the people at the clinic entrance, highlighting their belief in providing a better, safer, and healthier life for everyone, regardless of their background. Upholding the rule of law, Action SA strives to ensure that all individuals receive equal care and attention through their services.

Gafane Hlupi, the National Youth Chairperson of ActionSA, emphasized the importance of establishing youth structures within the party to address the specific needs and aspirations of young people. She also mentioned other initiatives such as the Student Forum and Outreach Sanitary program, which further demonstrate their dedication to serving the country.

William Khoza, a member of Ward 19, expressed his optimism in ActionSA’s ability to bring about positive change in the country. He finds hope in their unwavering dedication and commitment to the betterment of society.

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