Africa’s first digital TV shopping experience

Issued by Bernice Maune

For Patrick Palmi, proving that innovation can start and evolve in Africa was central to his journey in launching Africa’s first digital TV shopping experience.

A digital entrepreneur who has an array of experience in creating authentic solutions for the continent, Palmi’s latest venture includes disrupting the status quo. As CEO and founder of Palm TV, Palmi is the brains behind the platform which features shoppable media streaming across digital and traditional media channels.

To put this phenomenal project into perspective, imagine watching your favourite influencer, like LaSizwe, who is set to debut on the channel. Fancy Lasizwe’s sneakers? Then you’ll be able to find out which shop he bought them from and buy them for yourself. In addition, Palm TV offers a new and seamless shopping experience that gives viewers the opportunity to shop for products in the setting of their favourite TV show.

Patric Palmi, CEO and founder of innovative digital platform Palm TV
Behind the scenes of a lifestyle shoot at Palm TV

While audiences have become accustomed to streaming giants such as Amazon Prime, Netflix or Showmax, Palm TV will fill the gap by reinventing the way consumers indulge in screen time by introducing shoppable tv. Expanding on this further, Palmi says that purchasing while you watch will be a simple process.

“We know that when you sign up for a streaming platform and make a monthly payment, the least you want is that while you watch your favorite show and something catches your eye you are instantly able to make a purchase of the item.  

“Because of this, some brands began to invest much more in their product placement strategy. Which means, indirectly, but notoriously, they would place some of its products within a production, so that in this way the brand is visible, without the need for a commercial,” said Palmi.

On why he had decided to start a digital channel, Palmi said his experience of seeing clients using the wrong media to promote themselves, led to him founding the channel.

“In 2019, we officially launched a TV channel that only streamed on social media and our influencers social media platforms as we believed that it is where young people are. We then started expanding the reach of our channels streaming it live in taxi ranks, shopping malls, hospitals and digital billboards to reach even those that do not have data bundles to watch,” he said.

According to Palmi, viewers can look forward to more shoppable original shows, more creators and brand collaborations signing up to bring enjoyable livestream shopping shows at the click of a button.

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