An inspiring orphan’s journey to success

By Ramudzuli Pfarelo

Mukondeleli Anemone is a young lady who grew up in Thohoyandou, under the Vhembe district. Unfortunately, she lost her mother at the age of 17 and her father when she was 19. During her first year in university, her parents entrusted her care to her beautiful sister, who has since become her surrogate mother. Reflecting on her experiences, Mukondeleli shared, “As a university student, I faced numerous temptations due to the peer pressure commonly found on campuses. However, I recognized that I was different from my peers and resolved to conduct myself in a proper manner.” She credited her mother’s teachings as a source of strength, particularly in terms of honest work and the importance of self-worth. “My mother always taught me to sell any marketable goods I had, but never to compromise my integrity,” Mukondeleli recalled.

Living by her mother’s wise words, Mukondeleli established a successful hair salon and was crowned Miss Universe. Her unwavering dedication fueled her desire to excel in life and serve as a role model for other orphans. Currently, she has completed her Bachelor of Education Degree and is the proud owner of Anemone Accolades. Additionally, she manages her own business named Amor Herbs, where she sells haircare products. Both her ventures are thriving, and Mukondeleli has gained recognition as “The Hottest Teacher in SA,” inspiring teenagers and adults alike. She brings hope to the hopeless and defies stereotypes about pursuing a career in education. Mukondeleli’s achievements also include purchasing a house even before graduating—an undeniable testament to the sufficiency of God’s grace, regardless of the challenges one faces.

Afulufhedzeaho Mulaudzi, a TUT student who finds motivation in Mukondeleli’s story, expressed his happiness, stating, “Seeing my peers succeed in life fills me with joy and strengthens my belief that education is the key to success.” Aluwani Ndou, a student at the University of Venda, shared his emotional connection with Mukondeleli, saying, “Knowing her background and the hardships she endured to reach where she is now, I feel overwhelmed. It proves that the black child can achieve great things through self-discipline.”

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