Atteridgeville Smart License Center Now Open!


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has made it possible for the Atteridgeville Smart Licensing Centre to officially open its doors.Now, people living in the area can easily renew their license cards, pay traffic fines, and apply for temporary driver’s licenses all in one place. This happened on Wednesday, March 20th, 2024, and the Gauteng MEC for Transport and Logistics Kedibone Diale-Tlabela is leading the way.

MEC Kedibone Diale-Tlabela explained how the initiative will help different communities, like townships and informal settlements. She said it will make things easier, work better, and be good for the environment. She also talked about how it will improve services the province offers. Then, she summed it up by saying, “Overall, this initiative could make life easier, work better, help the environment, and improve services in places like townships and informal settlements. It could change lives and help the province with its services.”

She explained more why it is important to connect the smart testing centers with the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) system. She said that by doing this and offering services like other testing centers in South Africa, they are showing they really want to make public services better. This also helps them handle more people renewing their licenses and other related services.

“Adding these smart testing centers to the RTMC system shows we are serious about making services better and handling more license renewals,” the MEC Kedibone Diale-Tlabela explained.

Thre government is trying out new technologies and ways to make things work better. The center now offers services online and without using cash, which means it’s easier for people to get things done. Renewing a license there should only take about ten minutes, so more people can be helped quickly.

MEC Kedibone Diale-Tlabela said that this new idea is a big deal in the plan to make Gauteng better through the Smart Mobility Plan and the center uses solar power, so even if there’s no electricity, they can still help people.

“This innovative concept is a game-changer in Growing Gauteng Together through the Smart Mobility Plan. The center is also solar-powered, ensuring that even during load shedding, services will continue to be provided. This commitment to sustainability further underscores the forward-thinking approach of the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport (GDRT) in meeting the needs of its communities.” She added.

Solomon Molekoa, who renewed his license, expressed satisfaction with the service, “I booked online and renewed my license today. The staff provided excellent service. I’m proud to be from Pheli,” Solomon said.

The MEC mentioned that involving the Gautrain Management Agency (GMA) in testing and starting these smart DLTCs along the Gautrain line is a good idea. People at the Centurion station DLTC and others liked the service, showing this idea could work well.Starting this plan in Atteridgeville shows the government’s promise to make life better for its residents.

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