Book Review | The Bastard Child

Kamogelo Masoga says her love for writing started in high school. She is an author from Mmotwaneng Ga-Rakgwadi in Limpopo, currently residing in Mamelodi Nelmapius. At 25 years old, she has written her second book titled “Bastard Child,” which will be published on the 25th of July.

Her first book, “Chasing the Dream,” published in 2017 by FunDza Literacy, is a collection of ten short stories.

“Bastard Child” is a story inspired by abandoned and adopted children who often wonder why their parents didn’t want them. Kamogelo explains that the book revolves around Keith, the main character, who faces rejection from both his parents as he is the product of an affair.

In her own words, Kamogelo shares her message behind the book: “My message in this book is mainly teaching people that no matter what life throws at you, take it and make something good out of it. I know it can be hard, but I pray for everyone in that situation to heal and live a happy life.”

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