City of Tshwane in partnership with SEDA to train informal food sector traders

By Makuwa Felicia

The City of Tshwane partners with the Small Enterprise Development Agency, and held a food handling certification ceremony for informal food sector traders around Tshwane who completed their free training on the Food Safety and Ready-To-Eat Fast food Outlet program.

The purpose of the training is to equip informal traders on the food safety value chain and train them on how to prevent food contamination and poisoning.

MMC for Economic Development and Spatial Planning, Cllr Hannes Coetzee said that they would like to express the gratitude to Sarah and would like to invite other organisations to collaborate with the city to provide the critical assistance required to being a business-friendly city that fosters employment and economic growth.

The initiative provides much-needed business development support to assist and formalising the informal sector. To date, 68 informal traders have benefited from this partnership. Businesses in the food industry are expected to comply with specific regulations and be in possession of the Certificate of Acceptability, which is issued under Regulation 638.

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