City Power Cuts Off Electricity for Unpaid Bills in Roodeport


On the 20th of March, City Power decided to visit Roodeport, across the City of Johannesburg, to conduct a revenue collection drive, which was successful as the Roodeport Service Delivery Centre (SDC) identified ten businesses owing the local power utility more than 23 million in unpaid electricity bills.

As a result, businesses with higher outstanding amounts were disconnected during the operation, such as the one in Extension 1, Zandspruit, which owes R 5.9 million, the one in Honeydew Extension 5, owing R 1.2 million, one in Stormill Extension 2 and three others owing up to R 6 million each. Additionally, two businesses in Robertville Extension 10 have debts of about R 6 million each, along with other businesses in Florida owing R 5 million.

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One of the companies in Stormill Extension 2 locked the power box by welding it shut and putting a padlock on it to deny City Power access to disconnect their cables. Due to this behavior, the company was forced to break down the door to gain access and disconnect their cables.

According to the Roodeport SDC General Manager, Sibusiso Xulu, the power disconnection drive by City Power will occur periodically to ensure that the residents of Roodeport are paying their bills and are up-to-date. He emphasized the importance for both residents and businesses to settle their bills promptly, as the income from services rendered will help maintain the infrastructure and other necessities.

Isaac Mangena expressed City Power’s concern about the number of businesses not paying their bills, as it sits on a debt book of over R 800 million, owed by both residential customers and businesses. The utility will continue to track down those who owe, and the collection drive will persist.

City Press concludes by advising its customers to visit its SDCs across the city to settle their outstanding fees or to establish a payment plan before the entity arrives at their businesses and homes to disconnect their power.

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