Councillor Zwane helps clean the streets of Atteridgeville

By Makuwa Felicia

The city of Tshwane acknowledges that the illegal dumping taking place in Tshwane  is a result of the ongoing illegal strike.Therefore, the city is working very hard to address challenges posed by the illegal strike including waste removal delays. MMC for Environment and Agricultural Management Cllr Ziyanda Zwane visited Atteridgeville Region 3 to give a helping hand to workers on the ground.    

“Residents are reminded that dumping of waste in areas without a designated or potential storm water drainage system might result in flooding during rainy Seasons. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that unlawful dumping causes environmental harm, which causes pollution, “said MMC for Environment Cllr Zwane.

Cllr Zwane said that some of the illegal waste dumping site is a potential health risks as they are next to the schools and churches. He added that unlawful waste disposal might also present a fire risk and poses a threat to public health and safety with additional  detrimental effects.

The city wants to assure residents that they are working around the clock implementing the catch-up plan to minimise the impact of the ongoing illegal strike on refuse removal services.

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