Directorate of Health and Wellness Launches Sexual Reproductive Health Day for TUT Students

By Hlakaniphile Vilakazi

The event took place on September 14, 2023, at Soshanguve North Campus (lawn area) and aimed to provide various services to students. These services included family planning, drug and substance abuse screening, STI screening and treatment, blood pressure screening, mental health screening, blood sugar screening, GBV screening, and TB screening.

Pakiso Lodi, a counselor specializing in HIV testing (H.I.T), emphasized the importance of students knowing their status and understanding how it can impact their lifestyles positively. He stated, “When students undergo these HIV tests, we contribute to the government’s understanding of the statistics regarding HIV-positive students, enabling them to receive the necessary support in living with the virus.”

Tracey Rikhotso, a peer mentor, explained that the event’s purpose was to raise awareness among students and encourage them to undergo necessary tests. She added that taking these tests was an act of self-care, helping students identify and address any health issues, thus allowing them to continue their studies successfully.

However, Busisiwe Ntsoane, a third-year student, expressed disappointment with the event. She arrived at 11:00 am and by 11:24 am felt it had been unproductive. She noted that the services were slow, and the nurses appeared fatigued. Busisiwe also highlighted the lack of informative sessions about sexual health as a shortcoming of the event.

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