Entrepreneurial Art

Thulani Zulu founder and owner of Spillion Arts aims to create employment with his hustle. The name ‘Spillion arts’ stems from his mastery in design arts .

Spillion arts was Initiated while he was doing his Btech in Financial information system at the Tshwane University of Technology in 2018. Zulu had previously obtained his National diploma from the University of Johannesburg(2013). 

His first project was fabric-painted caps, Thulani explained. On seeing the positive response from people he was more determined to push his limits.

Since the first project, Thulani has been serving his clients with breath-taking designs and versatile rage that is very youthfull and bright.

Thulani not only draws sketches and fabric-painting but is also a tatto artist. The all-around artist says he is working on opening his own shop one day in big malls. According to Thulani, this will help him create jobs while doing what he loves.

Growing up, Musa saw himself as almost everything from being a model, a sportsman but never had he anticipated his future in the arts. Born and raised in PE in the Eastern Cape, Musa matriculated last year from Ndzondelelo high school. After that, Musa started painting Tshirts and sneakers and sold locally. “I saw that people loved my designs so I decided to advertise on social media and was amazed by the support and recognition I got for my work”

Social media once more became a powerful brand awareness tool for this entrepreneur as he says he has recieved a lot of support from people all over South Africa.

His range includes customized sneakers and printed T-shirts. Musa hopes to grow his brand and owning his own designs one day . The 19 year old says he’s also planning on furthering his studies next year “I’m going back to school next year but I’ll be studying part time and I’ll be doing NCV at Dower College (safety and society)” he concluded.

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