Family planning

By: Tshepiso Theko

Bundles of joys are not toys. A baby is a full human being and in having one you should be committed to taking full responsibility for that life.

Besides financial obligations, you should be able to give that child at least a stable family foundation. Even if you can’t provide that mom-dad family unit, you have to at least be ready to give them stability.

You have to offer emotional support to that child throughout their childhood and forever.

A child needs patience. To be listened to and endless attention. Impatient people have children they always shout at, that they don’t listen to. Not out of hate but Because they were not READY emotionally.

We are past that time of women having babies to keep men and men making babies to prove their fertility. That’s old. Pull out and secure a good future for your children first.

We can’t keep having babies because we are in love and then use the exhausted argument that a baby is a blessing. Yes, a baby is a blessing, if you have the proper tools to groom that child into being a well progressive human being. We have to stop having children out of love or fear on infertility. Especially because we are trying to raise children that are not like us or our parents. Our boy children will not be under the pressure of providing. Our girl’s bodies will not be profitable. Our children will not build us houses.

They will work for themselves and not for us. That should be the future. And it starts with ensuring we are well equipped before bringing innocent lives to the world.

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