By Phathutshedzo Ingrid Mphabantshi

Fhulufhelo Manngo owns a creche and a farm. She is from Thohoyandou in Limpopo. She gives back to the community. Fhulufhelo manngo has taken it upon herself to help feed hundreds of homeless people in the community. Homelessness is a major problem in urban areas especially in the streets of Johannesburg, about 10000 people in South Africa re homeless which makes it hard for them to get food and shelter.

There are people who can afford basic needs in life. Then there are those who have no idea where their next meal will come from. Fhulufhelo Manngo is there to change that narrative. Fhulufhelo Manngo started her organisation by helping homeless people by giving them food she started her initiative in 2018 by feeding people living around pretoria. She then moved to her hometown where she started to feed the needy in Thohoyandou. She reported that she fees around 142 people with a decent breakfast.

“During the week I give them food, some are leftovers from my creche. I don’t want to waste food there are people need it. So, I cook for them on weekends. I spend less when buying food, it depends on what I’m buying” she explained.

She always helps those who want to start something for themselves. Creating space for those who want to start small businesses and those who want to further their studies.

Fhulufhelo is helping us a lot, we are grateful for what she is doing, even if it is not enough. She tries her best to accommodate us with food. God must bless this lady with everything she needs. She is really helping the community” said Mpho Mudau, one of the people that benefit from the organisation.

“I want to see those guys out on the street smoking drugs, nyaope and whoonga off the street, that is my goal. I want to open a free rehabilitation center for them where they can stay while getting help. “it’s not easy to see young black children throwing their future away, these people also need our help,” said Fhulufhelo Manngo.

She has a goal of going further to give back to the community. She should grow strength so that she can be able to afford to keep doing such things, helping people. Organisation like this are very important. She is a role model and others should join in and help those who are homeless.

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