Higher Education Deregisters Four Educor Institutions


The Department of Higher Education and Training has cancelled the registration of four Educor institutions after they failed to submit proof of their financial viability to the department. Hundreds of thousands of students may be stranded following the decision of the department of higher education and training to deregister Damelin, CityVarsity, Icesa City Campus, and Lyceum College as private higher learning institutes.

According to Blade Nzimande, the four private institutions failed to comply with the requirements of the 2016 Regulations for the Registration of Private Higher Education Institutions and the applicable sections of the Higher Education Act. The South African Union of Students spokesperson, Asive Dlanjwa, said they believe the decision by the department was in the best interests of students.

“In addition to failing to submit evidence of their financial viability to the department, the four Educor brands can be deemed as dysfunctional, mainly measured against the daily complaints and grievances received from students, most of which remain unresolved,” said Blade Nzimande in a press conference.

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The minister said that the four Educor institutions were required to lodge an appeal with the minister on or before September 26, 2023. They then requested an extension to February 28 and are now seeking a further extension.

“Another matter is misrepresentation on student numbers. Educor claims to have 50,000 learners in the system, so they claim. This information is incorrect,” said Nzimande. “The latest numbers of enrolled students as per the 2022 annual report are 13,096, not 50,000, as Educor claims; one challenge for students is the transfer of credits considering the RPL [Recognition of Prior Learning] and Credit Accumulation Transfer policy; and another challenge could be students repeating some modules or paying extra fees,” Nzimande Added.

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