Kanye West finally a Billionaire

Not too long ago, Diddy, JAY Z and Dr. Dre were all in the running to become Hip Hop’s first-ever billionaire trinity.

In 2019, JAY Z became the first rapper to become a billionaire. Kanye West has finally joined the club and has become the second rapper claiming his Billionaire title.

This American rapper once found himself in bankruptcy after going over $50 million under or like the financial people put it – ‘in the reds.

Now, this megastar boasts a net worth of $1,3 billion! With this mind-blowing fortune, Kanye West is the richest artist on the planet.

Pharrell Williams, Kanye, Diddy, JAY Z

The news broke just a year after multitudes had sworn that the critically acclaimed Hip Hop producer, who’s considered by many as one of the biggest figures in Hip Hop of all time, would be canceled. Mr West was criticized harshly for making unpopular comments on slavery and publicising his support for Donald Trump. 

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