KASI POWER | Storytelling is engraved in Emmah’s heart

By Jaydee Mallane

Ingrethia Emmah Kumalo is a published author, whose writing passion was discovered at a tender age.

Playing with stones and making up stories to entertain her friends were Emmah’s favorite pastimes when she was a child, her passion for stories led to the creation of her book.

The 23-year-old was born and bred in Soweto and she is the oldest of four siblings.

Emmah published her book titled “The diary of Mpilo” early this year. It narrates a story about a young boy from a disadvantaged background, their financial plight forced him and his siblings to be separated from their mother, they all thought they were going to leave a better life in Johannesburg, little did they know that the two sisters were going there for surrogacy purposes. Something no one had communicated with them before.

Mpilo had to endure the pain of seeing his sisters go through something they didn’t sign up for.

In an attempt to change his family’s life, he ended up joining the wrong crowd and got involved in the life of criminality but he was able to snap out it before getting in too deep.

An opportunity presented itself to him and he took it with both hands and changed the life of his family for the better. Mpilo’s life was full of turmoil and pain, at some point he found himself behind bars for being falsely accused of rape but indeed in life nothing remains the same forever.

The story ends with a happy ending where he is a millionaire at only 19 years of age, and all the pain they endured as a family is finally something of the past.

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