Khojane Morai is living his childhood dream

By Jaydee Mallane – Contributing Journalist at Kasi Voice News

Khojane Morai is a writer, an actor, and a businessman. The 25-year-old hails from Matatiele in the Eastern Cape province and is the oldest of three siblings.

His early years were spent immersed in his acting hobby. Khojane reaffirmed that acting is the only profession he has ever considered taking on.

The road to achieving his dream of acting was not without obstacles, just like any other industry but he persevered through it all. “It wasn’t easy at all to make it in this industry, the difficulties I came across were people who didn’t believe in my talent.

“No one had seen it on television before, so it was a matter of who is going to trust me enough to give me a chance to prove myself. It wasn’t easy at all,” said Khojane.

The results of his perseverance in the pursuit of his dream were realized in 2019 when he got his breakthrough role in Isithembiso by portraying the character of Justine.

However, his career was cemented when he portrayed the character of Nolo on the much-loved SABC 2’s telenovela Lithapo.

His portrayal of Nolo revealed the reality of our nation’s fatherless children and just like many children are yearning for their father’s love, that was his desire as well and he went in search for his father in Johannesburg.

In contrast to Nolo, Khojane considers himself and his siblings fortunate to have grown up with both parents. “If you are a father and you are not doing what you are supposed to do, know that you are hurting a life out there, so go and do the right thing,” said Khojane to the deadbeat dads.

Having a Sesotho mother and a Xhosa father accounts for Khojane’s strong bilingual ability.

He is also good in isZulu, English and Setswana.

According to him, linguistic versatility is important because he can communicate in various languages and it gives him a competitive advantage.

“It is important to learn other languages because South Africa is a rainbow nation therefore we need to be able to communicate with different people,” said Khojane.

The talented actor, who is well-known for his excellent acting abilities, has appeared in a number of plays, including Umbuso, Justice Served, Tshepo Showmax, and Phunyoka among others.

He still shines and proudly represents Matatiele.

In Justice Served, he expressed that he found portraying his character to be extremely enjoyable.

He described Netflix as a different platform that gave him the freedom to explore and experiment. “My character was really interesting in Justice Served because I have noticed that the platform like Netflix gives you more play space, they give you more liberty to decide on what you want to do with a character.

It was really awesome. I took a lot of time and did my homework well in order to excel in my craft and that is why it came out so beautiful,” said the multilingual actor.

Even though his first love is acting and he is doing exceptionally well in it, Khojane tries his utmost to do business by running a food trailer business to supplement his income.

He is a true example of a hard worker and an inspiration to young people.

He acclaimed that his family keeps him going in life. He believes that he wouldn’t be able to push as hard without their support. they are his motivation and pillar of strength.

The thespian is one of the celebrities who likes to keep his life private therefore it makes people wonder if he is in a relationship or not.

When asked if he is aware that ladies love him, he laughed in disbelief: “No, I’m not aware that ladies love me however I do have someone in my life and we are pretty fine” said Khojane.

His message to people who want to pursue acting is for them to be curious because it is through curiosity that their dreams will be realised.

“To all the people who want to pursue acting as a career, acting requires you to be curious. Everything will be fine if you are curious.

“If you want to know what will happen if you do a certain thing, when you look at it this way or approach it that way, acting requires people who are like that, so be curious so that you are able to navigate whatever assignment you are given,” said the talented actor.

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