LAUNCH: Cre8V Corner for Creative Story Writers

Are you someone brimming with creativity? Do wild scenarios dance through your mind all day long? Do you jot them down? If you’re that person, consistently crafting good fiction but unsure what to do with your creations, we’ve established a platform for you to share your creativity and build your writer’s portfolio.

Student Living is introducing a literacy and creative writing program to inspire young writers in South Africa to showcase their talent. It’s a platform open to university students, as well as those in grade 11 and 12, where they can have their creative stories published. These stories will find a home on the Student Living website, and writers will receive links to share them on various platforms.

Quick Stories:

These are short scenes designed to captivate readers within a few lines and leave a lasting impression.
Length: 250 – 500 words
Any Genre
Short Stories:

These are complete short stories with a well-structured plot and a clear beginning, middle, and end.
Length: 1500 – 2000 words
Any Genre
When submitting your story, please ensure that you:

Include your full name beneath the title
Mention the word count at the story’s conclusion
Write in English
Thoroughly review your work for spelling and grammar errors
Create original content without relying on AI tools
Abstain from using offensive language
Avoid plagiarism

Email your stories, including your full name, surname, and word count, to

Student Living is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to be amazed by your work.

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