Local musician set to take over the music industry

Byline: Carlifonia Dube

Inspiring local musician Edwin Skhosana, popularly known as Deekay411 is ready to take over the music industry to build his name as not only one of the utmost dancers to come out of the capital city but also the greatest talented musician to ever do it.

The 28-year-old was born and bred in Atteridgeville where he discovered his love for music. The singer highlighted that he grew up in an environment that was dominated by crime and the only people who his peers looked up to was gangsters and criminals, nevertheless, he decided to take a stand and change his mindset to focus on his music career so that he can become a role mode to the next generation.

Deekay411 told Student Living that he wrote his first song at the age of 15 and got his inspiration from dancing when he realised what an impact the music he was dancing to had on people, then he decided to create his own music.” One of the obstacles I have encountered along my journey was choosing between my 9 to 5 career and my music career, as well as taking some time to understand the music business,” he said.

Despite the challenges he faced, this never stopped him from reaching greater heights. His passion for music and dance saw him break boundaries across the country at a young age. Furthermore, the talented musician does not box himself into one genre of music, even though the initial love was for hip hop. He has learned to adjust into any genre of music, hence he has songs that are from different genres.

According to Deekay411, his new single hit titled KOROBELA is just an amazing example of how he can be when he is in the studio doing what he loves. “I would advise someone who is thinking about choosing a career in music to also make realistic choices regarding their music and understand the music business to avoid being exposed,” he added.

The local singer hopes to drop an EP and having major Amapiano, hip hop and house features in the EP soon.

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