Local skincare entrepreneur fulfils her dream

Tshwane University of technology somatology graduate makes her own skin products

By: Carlifonia Dube

Born and bred in Nelspruit, 23-year-old Nomvuselelo Angela Methule, is a qualified somatologist who is driven by passion. It came as no surprise when she decided to establish her own beauty skin care company, Bold Beauty skin care that sells natural tissue oil from essential oils and body scrubs in 2019.

The young and vibrant entrepreneur is a Tshwane university of technology somatology graduate who is currently enrolled for an advanced diploma in somatic therapy and her biggest goal is to be a young black woman owning a cosmetic production company that produces a full range of facial and body skin care products. 

Methule said that the idea of establishing her business came from her professional career as she acquired knowledge about skin and its function. She further said she always wanted to start her own business as she saw a gap in retail for products that are effective in treating the most problematic skin condition. The 23-year-old added that she was motivated by all the entrepreneurs out there, who have made it. “I believe that no one is born successful, meaning if they can do it, I can also do it,” she explained.

“I realised that I am assertive, I love being a leader and I have also recognised that I can only do so much with a salary, but when I have control over how much I can make then I am unstoppable,” she said.  

The local entrepreneur said that she grew up in a community where most people are still not particularly interested in building something from scratch and she hopes to inspire and encourage the modern generation to never stop dreaming and chasing their dreams.

She said thather business is running smoothly and her customers are very satisfied with her products although she still has a large market to cover as there are still a lot of people who are unaware of her products. 

According to Methule her biggest goal is to own her cosmetic production company, create employment opportunities for hundreds of young people and have her product line all over big stores across the continent. 

“I would say start where you are, with what you have. You will never figure out everything from the beginning but as long as you have the drive, your passion will carry you through,” she concluded. 

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