Mabopane Reconstruction Development Program Improves Living Conditions for Residents


Minister of Finance, Enoch Godongwane, announced the housing budget during the 2023 budget speech. A Reconstruction Development Program has commenced in Mabopane, aiming to construct sustainable houses for the community to improve living conditions.

Many residents currently inhabit unsustainable housing due to unemployment, rendering them unable to afford proper housing.

“We applied for this program as part of our community development work to assist the communities of Mabopane and Winterveldt by constructing sustainable RDP houses under the Human Settlement Program. Observing the dire need for housing in these communities, with many residents living in poor or unsustainable conditions, we have already built 232 houses with designated beneficiaries,” said Phillip Monkase, the project manager.

Between 1968 and 1975, under apartheid segregation laws, black people were relocated from Pretoria to Winterveldt. Since then, some have been unable to build homes, resorting to makeshift structures.

This historical context underscores the necessity of the Reconstruction Development Program in both communities, aimed at assisting those in need who qualify for an RDP house.

“I am thrilled for my family and the community to benefit from such a helpful program. Knowing that my family and I will soon reside in sustainable housing, free from the fears of collapsing structures due to rain and heavy winds, brings immense relief,” expressed the beneficiary, Thulani Nkosi.

Both communities urgently require such interventions, as some still inhabit shacks vulnerable to collapse during heavy rain, while others endure leaking roofs causing water damage inside homes. Additionally, many families with children face hazardous living conditions that could harm them in the long term.

According to Providence Tshuma, who is the builder, the Reconstruction Development Program not only provides housing but also creates job opportunities within the community. The decision to hire locally instead of seeking labor externally has been met with gratitude and appreciation.

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