Mashaba on insourcing irons out personnel issues

Mashaba on insourcing issue regarding cleaners and security personnel

ActionSA President Herman Mashaba, together with Gauteng Chairperson Funzi Ngobeni, met with cleaners and security personnel on Saturday, July 8th, at Princess Park, 3WF Nkomo, to address the issue of insourcing. This meeting follows the pleas of cleaners and security staff who attended the Ekurhuleni insourcing meeting last week, requesting Mashaba’s assistance in achieving insourcing in the Tshwane region.

According to Joshua Mudau, the chairperson of the security structure of private companies, most employees have not received their payment for the past three months. Mudau stated that they are urging ActionSA to take action and insource all employees. He further mentioned that they are giving the party a seven-day deadline to resolve matters related to insourcing, unfair dismissal, and their overall well-being.

Audrey Mutshelo, EPWP leadership, highlighted the rampant corruption within the Tshwane municipality, where new workers are being employed through closed doors while others are struggling to be insourced. Audrey stated that nepotism has taken control, causing the community to perceive them as dishonest, as applicants for jobs are not being hired.

Mashaba assured the cleaners and security personnel that the matter would be resolved within the given seven days, with the process starting on Monday. He assigned Funzi Ngobeni and Jackie Mathabathe, ActionSA Caucus members, to lead the project in collaboration with two representatives from the security cluster and two representatives from the EPWP. Additionally, he mentioned that they would request a list of all current employees to ensure that no one is left behind during the insourcing process.

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