Mayor of City of Tshwane warn residents about fake posts

City of Tshwane Mayor Cilliers Brinks addresses fake news being directed against Tshwane and the multi-party coalition. It is said that there’s fake news circulating on social media that is directed against the City of Tshwane. “Dear City of Tshwane residents, I just want to refute a few social media posts that are fake and directed against the City of Tshwane”, said the City of Tshwane’s Mayor, Cilliers Brink.

According to Mayor Cilliers Brinks, those fake social media posts aimed at destroying the trust between the mayor and the residents of Tshwane. He said the first post claims that the City of Tshwane has spent 100 thousand rands to erect a billboard encouraging the government to arrest Vladimir Putin. He said he is horrified by Mir and embarrassed as the the mayor of the capital city of South Africa.

The second post claims that Tshwane has been refused assistance by the Gauteng government to fix potholes. He said it is not true that the city of Tshwane refuses assistance, he said they do agreements with other spheres of government on a daily basis, and their main consideration in signing or not signing or negotiating these deals is the best interest of the people of Tshwane.

He urges residents of the City of Tshwane to be careful, especially if they claim that Tshwane does not care about residents and the township.

Jay Jay who commented on the post of Mayor Cilliers Brink said “We are so proud of you, a man has emotional intelligence and can think on your feet. Never give up the tenacity you put in to make things better for everyone. Your dynamic action is highly appreciate and vital to all of us”.

Some believe that Mayor addressing the issue of fake news is to try and convince voters to join their group. Loius Changuin said that using disruptive and fake information does not serve the interest of the people. With 2024 looming. We will see more and more of these kinds of behaviour as part of strategies to try and convince voters. Service delivery should take priority.

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