Mental Health as a student

By Nontsindiso Mfuduka

The issue of mental health and awareness has been making the rounds. Mainly because research has shown that a lot of people are going through mental illnesses that they are either not aware of or they do feel amiss but can never pinpoint why they feel like they do.

Illnesses or issues like depression, bipolar and suicidal thoughts which lead to some actually attempting suicide. With all of these it is important for one to take measures of self-care or rather mental care. It is essential, especially as students because studying can be a lot. It is easy to find yourself consumed with different emotions and feelings from studying.

The pressure that comes with exams, tests, assignments, attending classes and all of the work that goes into studying or being a student can be overwhelming. In addition, not having immediate support from family or friends, because staying alone is not the same as being with family that will easily see that you are not okay or that you need support.

With all of this I say ‘allow yourself to pause and check in with yourself. How are you feeling? What do you need for today and how can you best approach your day with gentle care based on what you need to survive today?’ Call your mom, dad, sister, a friend and have that difficult or easy or just “laughs” conversation, even a video call – seeing someone on the other side goes a long way. Check in with yourself whether you need an outing alone or with your friends or just going to the mall to chill out.

All I am saying is that find a balance between the studies, to check in with your feelings and mental state. This is different for everyone, so find your own routine or way of doing things to deeply care for yourself. At different points, seasons or phases of your life you will need different things. Build a strong support system whether through the phone or through your fellow mates.

The times we live in currently call for different measures to ensure we are really okay. It is vital to know that it is okay when we are not ‘okay”.

If you feel alone or in need to talk to someone reach out, see below:

Life Line

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group

Revive – Empowering Emotional Change

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