MMC for Health supports World Sight Day and White Cane Day

By Makuwa Felicia

MMC for Health Cllr Rina Marx supported two major events, both of which had a specific focus on eyesight and visual impairment.

“12 October 2023 marked World Sight Day. To support this, I attended an event at the Pretoria Eye Institute where hundred cataract operations were done on the day at no cost. In conjunction with solidarity, the event targeted individuals who can not afford cataract surgery as the surgeries are life-changing, “said Cllr Rina Marx. 

The event was hosted by The Garden Social Services, a non-profit organisation that offers various community based services, including empowering those with visual impairments.

The event was preceded by a White Cane Day March that was an initiative for visually impaired adults and learners. The purpose was to raise awareness and educate the general public about the importance of treating those with visual impairments as integral members of our community.

The MMC for health Rina Marx added that she would like to call on community members who are concerned about their eyesight to visit any one of the primary health care clinics for a basic eye screening test.

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