Mumba First Launch

By Mpuru Tswaranani Green

On May 1, 2023, a community initiative took place in Mukondeni village, located in the Vhembe district of Limpopo province. The youth of the village launched their very first campaign, unveiling a non-profit organization called Mumba. This organization aims to support the young individuals within and beyond Mukondeni by addressing their daily challenges. Derived from a combination of the village names Mukondeni and Mashamba, Mumba was established with the goal of assisting not only students but also those who have dropped out due to challenging circumstances, such as financial instability.

The organisation consists of six people who holds various positions. Ntsako Nwandula as Chairperson, Shumani Thangwane as the deputy chairperson, Vuledzani Mambatha as the Secretary, Mbofolowo Ramatsekisa as the CFO, California Mamanya at the deputy secretary, Arehone Rambau as the marketing manager and Lutendo Mulaudzi as the media manager. “ For now, we are on our right track because we will be starting with our back-to-school campaign where we will be donating school shoes, stationery, and uniforms.” Said the members of the organisation, they also added that they are thankful to the councillor Mr Enock Sithi for the help he has been giving them. Their mission is working in partnership with the government and civil society to enhance the lives of the youth through moral leadership while the vision is being enthusiastic about youth development and upskilling together with different talents.

Members of the Royal Council who attended the launch

The councillor of the village, people from the department of Health, members of the royal council for the village, miss Limpopo and other supporting villagers also attended the launch. Randela Tshililo from the Department of Health said that “ one of the things that make the youth to have an unruly behaviour is the kind of families that they are born in, and it plays an important  role in the lives of the children.” She furthermore added that “am glad to see these boys and girls having a vision and showing our children that they love them as their elder sisters and brothers, and that they care about them and their future, I pledge before the pastor that am there for you guys and we’ll do by all means to help where we can.

Fhulufhelo Current Thangwane one of the community members said that “they will make sure that the organisation stands out and help people.”

The Organisation is asking for a donation in the form of funds or items like,  one thousand rulers and sharpeners each, one thousand pens and pencils each,  fifteen shoes and jerseys each,  five trousers, eight skirts , fifteen shirts, one thousand eraser and dictionaries each and  one thousand sanitary pads.

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