With 100% Students only going back to the Campus under Level 1 IN RESPONSE TO THE COVID-19 EPIDEMIC.

There is no better time to make Online Learning work for students-to make sure they have a successful academic year. Many measures have been put in place to make sure South African students continue excelling in their post-matric studies.

However Most Student are not copying with Online learning, reasons are varied, to count a few, here is what most students are facing

• The workload of online classes is larger than that of regular classes
• Students lack the devices and internet access to be able to participate in online classes,
• Some schools do not have the capacity to teach online
• No peer-support

And these are the few of many reasons that the campaign #MyOnlineLearningExperience was founded. This Campaign was founded by the Students’ Public Relations Association at the University of Johannesburg. The campaign kick-started on Monday the 18th of May 2020 .

PICTURE: PsyCaD Training and Development Team, responsible for providing assistance over the phone through crisis line and the PsyCaD Call centre. For assistance please call 011 559 3099 or crisis line on 082 054 1137

The organisation is student-led and governed, and aims to create a structured channel for students to share their experience, opinions, and concerns with regards to online learning.

Psychologists, Lectures, and Stakeholders are involved in this passion project – Approximately 17 Lecturers from the University of Johannesburg recorded 60 seconds videos where they wished UJ students’ luck as they were starting with online examinations.

PICTURE: Dr Corne Davis Advising students to give these exams everything as you
demonstrate that every negative situation can be turned positive

The campaign wants to extend the reach to all students who are Learning Online in South Africa to share their #MyOnlineLearningExperience- with no prejudice or discrimination of who the student is, where they are studying or what they are studying.

Number one priority of the project is supporting fellow students with learning online difficulties and struggles, where there is a virtual ambience of togetherness and helping hands, where no student is left behind and everyone’s academic year thrives amidst the pandemic.
“Moving forward we wish to involve more institutions and organisations in helping students have a better experience of online learning. Much has been achieved but more can be done” said Siyabonga Thwala- SPRA President 2019/20

Students can find tools and information about Online Leaning Support on the following platforms;

To share your Online Experience, Use the hashtag #MyOnlineLearningExperience
Instagram: uj_spra
Twitter: ujSpra

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