Natasha Joubert Claims Miss South Africa 2023 Crown at Sun Arena

By Slindile Mtshali

Natasha Joubert, a native of Tshwane, claimed the Miss South Africa 2023 title in a captivating final held on Sunday night at the Sunbet Arena in Times Square, Pretoria. The 26-year-old holds a BCom degree in Marketing Management and stands as both the owner and fashion designer of Natalia Jefferys—an enterprise she established at the age of 19.

She was awarded a prize of R1 million in cash, along with comprehensive sponsorship packages that encompass the lavish Brookfield-at-Royal serviced apartments in Kensington, developed by Tricolt, during her reign. Additionally, she enjoys the privilege of driving a Mercedes-Benz GLC and embarking on a journey to Paris under the auspices of L’Oréal.

In her acceptance speech, Ms. Joubert humbly expressed, “I am deeply honored to be named Miss South Africa 2023. As I embrace this new role, I recognize my responsibility to create a positive impact on the world around me. I firmly believe that achievement extends beyond personal success—it encompasses the opportunity to give back and uplift others. My aim is to serve as a wellspring of inspiration and encouragement, reciprocating the support I’ve received on my path.”

Natasha also holds the distinction of being the inaugural Miss SA to wear the brand-new crown titled ‘Mowana, the tree of life.’ Reflecting on this achievement, she shared, “This moment epitomizes the culmination of my journey. A dream has transitioned into reality today. This accomplishment has necessitated immense dedication, fortitude, self-assurance, and the fortifying support that sustains the pursuit of a dream, ensuring it comes true. I remain eternally grateful for the voyage that has shaped the woman I stand as today.”

Amidst the celebrations, social media erupted with a mixture of opinions. One user, @joy_zelda, commented, “We need to acknowledge Natasha Joubert’s rightful claim to the Miss SA 2023 title. Our happiness and celebration should extend to her without reservations. It’s time we, as South Africans, embrace her achievement and overcome divisive perspectives. Congratulations, Natasha! #MissSA2023.”

Another user, @Official_Xiluva, extended heartfelt congratulations, stating, “Hats off to Natasha Joubert on becoming Miss South Africa! May your reign be a tapestry woven with opportunities, empowerment, and positive influence. We stand united in your corner, Miss South Africa!”


@Lumka NatashaJiubert was my favorite girl two years ago. I am so happy she finally won #MissSA2023

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