Omphile Mooketsi: Creating BLAQ.SA Clothing

In the world of fashion, there’s a young and determined entrepreneur named Omphile Mooketsi. He’s 26 years old and currently lives in Pretoria, though he originally hails from Rustenburg. Omphile’s journey into the world of fashion began with his love for clothing and style, a passion he developed while growing up. He couldn’t always afford the clothes he liked, so he decided to start his own clothing brand called BLAQ.SA.
Omphile found inspiration in big brands like Loxion Kulca and Bathu. These brands made him believe that he could achieve success too. This belief led him to choose the name BLAQ.SA, which represents “BLACK SOUTH AFRICAN.” He wanted his brand to reflect his identity and encourage others to be proud of who they are.
Starting a business is not always easy. Omphile faced challenges like slow business, managing money, and finding the right customers. He also had to begin with very little money. But these obstacles didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream.
To let more people know about BLAQ.SA, Omphile uses social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. You can find his brand on Instagram at and on Facebook as “BLAQ.SA CLOTHING.” These platforms help him connect with his customers and show off his unique clothing. He also collaborates with Amapiano artists to reach more people.
What makes BLAQ.SA special is its unique and unisex designs. Omphile’s clothes stand out from the crowd. This means anyone who likes his clothes can wear them.
Right now, you can find BLAQ.SA in stalls in different towns. But Omphile has bigger plans for the future. He wants to see BLAQ.SA stores all over South Africa, so more people can enjoy his brand.
Omphile Mooketsi’s journey shows us that with passion and determination, we can achieve our dreams. He started from scratch and created a brand that people appreciate. His story is an inspiration for anyone who wants to follow their dreams, no matter where they begin. As he continues to design and grow his brand, Omphile is a shining example of what’s possible when we believe in ourselves and work hard.

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