Preparations for Celebrating Easter weekend

By:Kelebogile Matlou


Easter is a religious holiday observed by many Christian countries around the world. This festival is regarded as one of the oldest in the Christian religion. Easter Sunday commemorates the resurrected body of Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity. It is one of the busiest days of the year, and it is celebrated with a variety of activities.

Easter is one of the most anticipated seasons in South Africa because of the long weekend it brings. People are preparing for Easter, which is fast approaching. Some will celebrate with their loved ones, while others will celebrate at their respective churches. People celebrate Easter in a variety of ways. Some will exchange gifts, share festival meals with family and friends, and go on Easter egg hunts.

Sandra Moatshe

I’m looking forward to spending Easter with my family. We’ll be having a family gathering to spend time together as a family priority since it’s been a while since we met, and I can’t wait because my family is so funny. Easter will be a holiday we both enjoy. We’ll read Easter stories, play lots of games, watch Easter movies, and cook.

Dipuo Molapi

I will be spending Easter at church from Friday to Sunday. I am looking forward to that moment because it’s how I celebrate Easter every year.

Tshepo Moilwa

Since I won’t be working on Easter, I won’t be celebrating instead, I will be inside alone or cleaning my room while watching movies. I simply want to relax, I have no travel plans.

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