Pretoria’s Prominent Restaurant Ablaze

In a devastating incident, Summit Restaurant in Menlyn was engulfed by a massive fire in the early hours of Wednesday morning, resulting in significant property damage estimated to be worth hundreds of thousands of Rands. The cause of the fire remains unknown, and authorities have launched an investigation to determine the underlying factors. The restaurant is located near the Garsfontein offramp to the N1 highway.

Tshwane Emergency Services firefighters received the distress call and rushed to the scene around 4 am on Wednesday, finding the popular rendezvous in flames. According to Charles Mabaso, spokesperson for the local emergency services, “The fire was reported at Summit Restaurant in Garsfontein in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Only the second floor, where the sound is being played, caught fire and sustained damages. The part of the restaurant on the ground floor, the kitchen, and the rooftop did not suffer any damage. “The cause of the fire is unknown at the moment, fire safety has been activated to conduct fire cause determination,” said Mabaso. Emergency services were alerted to the incident and promptly responded to the scene.

“The cause of the fire is unknown at the moment, fire safety has been activated to conduct fire cause determination,” stated Mabaso. As experts investigate the incident, it is hoped that they will be able to shed light on the cause of this devastating fire.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing flames leaping from the building, accompanied by thick smoke billowing into the night sky. The fire rapidly spread throughout the restaurant, engulfing the property and causing substantial damage. Firefighters battled tirelessly to contain and extinguish the blaze, working diligently to protect surrounding buildings from the inferno.

While no injuries or fatalities have been reported, the extent of the damage to the restaurant property is significant. As the investigation continues, it is expected that a detailed assessment will be conducted to ascertain the total loss and value of the property destroyed by the fire.

Local residents expressed their shock and dismay at the incident, highlighting the restaurant’s popularity and its importance to the community. Juanita Kings (45) said, “As regular customers and food enthusiasts are grieving the loss of a beloved establishment known for its culinary excellence and vibrant atmosphere, we hope that it will be fixed soon and resume with operations.”

As the investigation into the fire continues, authorities have urged anyone with information relating to the incident to come forward and assist with the inquiry.

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