Services Resume in Tshwane as Strike Comes to a Close

By Makuwa Felicia

The Tshwane strike has finally come to an end after a three-month period of halted services in the city. The City of Tshwane is pleased to announce the resolution of the illegal strike, with all services now operational and buses back on their routes.

All employees have returned to work, carrying out their duties, and basic service delivery has returned to normal, with most backlogs cleared. The Tshwane Bus Services (TBS), which faced disruptions during the strike, is now back to full capacity. The strike had led to intimidation directed at non-striking bus drivers.

Customer Care Walk-in-Centres and Clinics have also resumed full services and are operating optimally. City Manager Cllr Johanne Mettler expressed relief that the strike, marked by violence, intimidation, and destruction of municipal property, has concluded. A catch-up plan was implemented successfully, and the city is gradually recovering its momentum, living up to its motto of ‘Igniting Excellence.’

Mettler stated, “We are building a city that works for all its people.” Meanwhile, ongoing discussions between Tshwane and the labor unions IMATU and SAMWU regarding the salary increase dispute are progressing well, facilitated by CCMA.

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