Takalani M, delivers her best expression in writing

Takalani Mutshinyani, popularly known as Takalani M, is rated as one of the best local female authors who have managed to show love to the hearts of thousands of readers.

Takalani M was born and raised in Shayamisa, a township in Venda, Limpopo. After she completed her secondary school education at Khwevhashe furthered her studies and obtained a qualification in Public Affairs at the Tshwane University of Technology. Many of her books are more about love. Through her work she bought a special attention to Venda culture.

Takalani M is known for her romantic love stories, known as ‘Stories by Takalani M,’ which she shares on her Facebook page, she has managed to deposit her books in libraries for them to have copies.

She said that her love of reading and writing started at an early age. “Dr Avhatakali Mutshinyani now late, was a voice actor on Phalaphala FM when I was in primary school,” she said.

Takalani M, a self-reliant woman, strongly advocates for the fruits of hard work, citing her personal experiences. Recollecting her childhood, she reminisces how her father’s involvement in script rehearsals sparked her curiosity, leading her to delve into the world of storytelling. At the tender age of nine, she began penning plays, nurturing her passion in solitude until she eventually embraced the literary community by joining a book club at seventeen.

Under her pen name, Takalani M, she has authored several notable works, including “The Royal Mistress,” “After Dawn Series,” “Combo Deal,” “Wounded Hearts,” “Love Tangle,” “Into the Sun,” and “The Burning Desire.” Her debut novel, “The Royal Mistress,” marked her entry into the realm of romance literature, captivating readers with her compelling narrative and intricate storytelling.

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