Tembisa School Incident: Eighteen Learners are Injured in Ceiling Collapse

A classroom ceiling collapsed at Umthambeka Primary School in Tembisa, which resulted in 18 Grade 6 Learners getting injured. This event happened on a Tuesday afternoon, making the community and authorities worried.

The Gauteng Department of Education reacted quickly and made sure that all the affected learners got medical attention right away. While 2 learners remain hospitalized, the others are recovering at home, which has relieved their families.

The cause of the collapse remains unknown, leading the department to initiate a thorough investigation .Steve Mabona, the department’s spokesperson, emphasized the importance of figuring out what happened.

He said, “We are investigating the circumstances around this event. We will get more information from the School Management Team (SMT), School Governing Body (SGB), and the District accordingly.”

Mabona understands how hard the situation is for the learners, which is why he confirmed that the department will provide psychological support. Counsellors will go to the school to assist those who are finding it hard to cope, which shows how dedicated the department is to making sure the learners are well taken care of.

In a time of worry, Matome Chiloane, the Gauteng MEC of Education, showed that he understands the difficulty that the families are facing.

He said, “We are worried that this incident happened and that our children got hurt while they were at school. We hope everyone who got hurt gets better soon.” Chiloane also requested that School Governing Body (SGB) members stay vigilant and work towards solving any challenges that the school is facing.

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