The photographer behind the Albany Bread Girl Photo

Lungisa Mjaji, who has captured beautiful moments of the little Albany bread girl, says the response to his niece’s images has been incredible. His photos have gained attention and become a trending topic. The pictures of three-year-old Lethukukhanya Mjaji have stolen the hearts of many South Africans on social media, who believe she should be the face of the bread brand.

“Seeing the benefits of my effort and the acclaim it has garnered makes me feel incredibly happy and accomplished. I appreciate South Africa’s affection and support, as well as the chance to change the world through my photography,” he added.

Lethukukhanya Mjaji – Photographer: Lungisa Mjaji

The 26-year-old commercial photographer from KwaNongidi, KwaZulu-Natal, fell in love with photography at a young age. Growing up surrounded by stunning natural scenery and a diverse cultural background, he began experimenting with a simple camera in his teenage years. He would photograph the surroundings and individuals at the time. Later, he honed his skills and discovered the potential of visual storytelling. “I realized photography had become a crucial part of who I am. The adventure continued, and in 2022, I enrolled at Tshwane University of Technology to study photography,” he said.

“It was there that I refined my technical skills, learned about different genres and techniques, and deepened my understanding of the artistic and expressive aspects of photography. The more I learned, the more my love for photography grew, and I became committed to using my skills to make a positive impact,” he added.

Mjaji, who started his photography company, Innovative Photography, in 2021, said the idea of capturing his niece’s picture arose while planning his “My Footprint” project. “I was interested in showcasing the things that are well-liked in our nation while capturing the spirit of South Africa and its affection for children. I decided to include Albany, a well-known bread brand, in the shoot when I saw an opportunity to do so,” he explained.

To make it happen, he sought support from his mother, who has always been supportive of his artistic endeavors. As he focuses on his future, he is committed to continuing his studies at Tshwane University of Technology and expanding his skills and knowledge. He plans to keep shooting every day, driven by his belief that every day holds creative potential.

“Through my photography, I hope to inspire others, challenge stereotypes, and pave the way for the next generation of photographers. I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and grateful for the support I have received on this journey,” he said.

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