TMPD cleaning the streets of Soshanguve

By Phathutshedzo Ingrid Mphabantshi | Twitter handle: @ingridphathu

Tshwane metro police department officers arrested two people on Wednesday, February 22. The TMPD unit members arrested two male and one female suspect in Soshanguve at Mabopane station. The three suspects were arrested for dealing in possession of drugs.

They were found with heroin, Methcathinone (cat), nyaope and methamphetamine popularly know as crystal meth. The drugs seized have a street value of more than R100,000. They were also found with illegal firearms. The metro arrested a 47-year-old man in Hammanskraal for drug dealing and he was found with over 370 packets of nyaope in his home.

“The truth about drugs in our township is very bad. It is destroying our children’s future. The police and the community must work together to clean up the street. They must arrest all drug dealers. We cannot stand by and watch our brothers and sisters throw away their future. “says Rabelani Muthige, a concerned citizen.

The TMPD drug unit members with crime intelligence arrested two male suspects in Soshanguve block KK for dealing and possession of drugs. They discovered 700 pockets of nyaope with an estimated value of more than R20,000. He was also arrested for stealing cell phones, laptops, routers, and driver’s licenses. The TMPD is doing their best to catch these drug dealers. The TMPD and intelligence conducted an operation in Soshanguve and Sunnyside to catch these drug dealers. They found 2 South African males and 2 Nigerian males aged between 24 and 34. They were arrested for dealing and possessing drugs. The suspects were found with crystal meth and a cat with an estimated street value of R91,000.

In Soshanguve block L, the TMPD arrested one suspect for possession of and dealing with drugs. He was found with more than 800 sachets of crystal meth and cocaine. The other suspect was arrested in Soshanguve block FF for possession and dealing in drugs. He was found with a sachet of 60 sachets of cocaine. The TMPD arrested two Tanzania nationals between the ages of 27 and 37 for possession of drugs in the Soshanguve area. The two suspects were found with nyaope, crystal meth, and dagga.

The Soshanguve community is tired of these drug dealers who are destroying their community. They want to see these drug dealers behind bars. The TMPD is doing its best to arrest these drug dealers.

The community must also play its part by helping the police to catch these people.

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