Tshwane and A Re Yeng Buses to resume operations

By Palesa Legodi

Tshwane, South Africa – Tshwane and A Re Yeng buses are set to resume operations on Tuesday, September 12, following the conclusion of an illegal strike by municipal workers. The strike which lasted for five days, caused major disruptions to public transport services across the city.

Tshwane Mayor, Cilliers Brink expressed his relief at the strike’s conclusion and the return of normalcy to the city’s transportation system. In a statement, he said, “We are pleased to announce that the Tshwane and A Re Yeng buses will be back on the roads starting tomorrow. The city has worked tirelessly to resolve the strike and ensure the resumption of commuting for our residents.”

Brink also emphasized the importance of a reliable public transportation system stating, “We understand the inconvenience caused to our residents during this time. We remain committed to providing a dependable and efficient public transport network for the people of Tshwane.”

The illegal strike, which began last month was initiated by municipal workers who were demanding better working conditions and higher wages. The strike led to a complete halt in bus operations, leaving thousands of commuters stranded and resorting to alternative modes of transport.

Ward 16 counselor, Seabelo Marishane expressed gratitude to both the workers and the community for their understanding during this challenging period. “We appreciate the patience and cooperation of the residents of Tshwane while we worked tirelessly to address the concerns raised by the workers. We are glad to have reached a consensus and look forward to resuming normal operations.”

As Tshwane and A Re Yeng buses prepare to hit the streets once again, commuters can expect to see an increased presence of security personnel to ensure the safety and smooth functioning of the transportation system.

One of the bus commuters, Lerato Langa said “I am very happy that the buses will resume, and I will be able to save money again, as taxis are expensive.”

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