Tshwane  urges   police  to arrest illegal  garbage  collectors  in  Soshanguve

The Tshwane Municipality has urged the Metro Police to take swift action against individuals involved in illegal dumping activities in Soshanguve. Last week, Brendon Gavender, head of the Community Road and Transportation Board, visited Station 37 in a bid to address the maintenance and cleaning of the region’s stormwater infrastructure. Gavender emphasized the need for both residents and policymakers to collaborate in curbing the menace of illegal dumping, which can lead to drainage issues and subsequent blockages. He highlighted the detrimental impact on the area, especially during the rainy season, when households are flooded due to improper waste disposal in the canals.

The persisting water scarcity in the area has left residents exasperated, culminating in a recent protest where angry residents took to the streets, venting their frustration over the ongoing water shortages and indiscriminate disposal of waste. The protestors demanded clarity on the restoration of water services following maintenance work initiated by Rand Water on July 12. Despite the efforts, the completion date of the maintenance work remained uncertain, aggravating the already strained water crisis faced by Soshanguve’s inhabitants.

Acknowledging the severity of the situation, the city of Tshwane assured residents of their commitment to addressing the water-related challenges. However, the issue of illegal dumping continues to plague the community, with one resident expressing concern that it has become normalized among the locals due to a lax attitude towards hygiene. The discontent among the populace further escalated into protests, with some areas experiencing power outages, leading residents to express their dissatisfaction with the situation.

In response, Mayor Sirius Brink stated that the city had deployed 47 water trucks to provide temporary relief during the water outage, incurring a substantial cost of R150,000 per day. Despite the unexpected financial burden, the Mayor emphasized the city’s partnership with Lande in ensuring the provision of essential water services to the affected residents.

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