TUT celebrate young female research excellence

On the 20th of October 2023 the Directorate of Research and Innovation presented the young female researchers’ event to hear about inspiring journeys, get research advice and to celebrate young female research excellence. The event took place at the prestigious auditorium, Pretoria West campus.

The institution invited Prof Georgina Coetzee from the faculty of economics and finance. Prof has been lecturing to both undergraduate and graduate external and internal audit programmes. She has developed numerous programmes at various universities in the field which include the flagship Mobil in internal auditing at the University of Pretoria, financial support by Absa and collaboration with Erasmus.

She is an NRF-rated researcher with risk management and internal auditing as her mainstream topic has also supervised Masters and doctoral students to competitions and has published over 50 academic research papers. Mrs George was the founder of two inter-university research group, leading to many successes such as members obtaining NRF status and obtaining their master’s and doctorate.

During her presentation, she said, “There are a lot of areas to be explored, new paths to tread and new ways to be generated, so be open to everything that comes your way and think of new ways to help the world with whatever you do.”

Most of her research is pragmatic resulting in the private or the public sector which provides support of her research, with reports serving at various professional body platforms and the South African Parliament. During her career, she has won numerous prizes for teaching and learning as well as research. Apart from her academic work she has consulted to both private and public sector organisational on aspect of internal auditing.

Thandiswa Mbele is currently enrolled for a Diploma in Engineering said, “I would like to encourage the TUT community to attend Research Seminars. This will allow them to present their papers for input from other scholars and supervisors. Seminars will prepare candidates for external conferences. She added, “The seminars were very fruitful, however, I would recommend that different venues should be used to save time.”

Currently, Prof is consulting the dean of the faculty of economics and finance at the Tshwane University of Technology on research activities. Lastly, she said to have someone to guide you (A mentor) so that when mistakes take you, please you won’t be alone, instead you’ll have someone to fix them with. She also encouraged students to be active role of young researchers.

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