TUT graduate bags ‘Women in Sports Award’

By California Dube

Tshwane University of Technology journalism graduate, Sharon Mdaka has attained the Community Sports Journalist of the year award on the Ekurhuleni Women in Sports platform on the 25th of September 2020.

The 25-year-old has recently graduated and is currently enrolled for an Advanced Diploma in Journalism at TUT. The African Reporter journalist stated that her end goal is to touch as many lives as possible through storytelling, create an impact that will go on to inspire the younger generation of writers and readers.

“I would like to thank God for everything, I will forever be grateful for all the lessons and teachings. I would also like to thank all the people who have contributed to my success, but most importantly the people who have blessed me with the opportunity to tell their stories to the world,” she said. 

Moreover, Mdaka also disclosed that she was raised by a single mother who has been her utmost stimulation along her journey. “My mother has been my greatest inspiration, her spirit of never giving up even when life fed her lemons, I watched her raising us after the passing of my father. 

“Dealing with the loss of her partner, the father of her children, a breadwinner, that’s enough to break anyone down. But through it all, she pulled herself together for the sake of me and my siblings. She has always advocated for education because she wanted a better life for her children,” she added.

The young and talented reporter further revealed that her goal is to tell and share stories on a global platform. “I want to take our stories to the world, share my talents with the world. I have big dreams for myself; at times it becomes so scary. I would like to encourage other writers and upcoming journalists to believe in themselves even if the world is not ready to believe in them. 

“Our journeys are not the same, they might be similar but not the same. Trust the process, nothing worth having ever comes easy. But whatever you do just do not give in to the cracks 

 of the world and lose yourself in the process, it is definitely ok not to fit in,” stated Mdaka.

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