TUT is honouring women’s ideas and creativity


Tshwane University of Technology hosted World Intellectual Property Day Celebration on the 26 April 2023 at Prestige Auditorium, Dinokeng, Pretoria Campus. They were celebrating African ideas and women ideas that are making a positive impact in other society. The WorldIP Day is observe every year at TUT on the 26 of April.

The event was established by the world intellectual property organization (WIPO) in 2000. The event is to raise awareness of how copyright, trademarks and design impact on daily life and to celebrate creativity and the contribution made by creators and innovators to the development of economics and society across the globe. The 26 of April was chosen as the date for world intellectual day because it conscience with the date on which intellectual property organization entered into force in 1970.

Doctor Vathiswa Papu Zamxaka who is deputy vice-chancellor for Research Innovation and Engagement at TUT said that they need to create an enabling environment where moving into traditionally male dominated business sector is such as construction, manufacturing, ICT and business service. She said that by doing so it will enables women’s active participation in the fourth industrial revolution. She added by saying todays speakers are powerful women who are founders and CEO’s of companies.

“The event will conclude with the fashion show to provide an opportunity for designers from TUT faculty of Arts and design to show of a particular creativity, we are truly looking for that as we are moving the University from good to good.” She said.

Miss Ditiro who is a founder and Chief executive officer for Serati LTD said Serati LTD is a high craft textile and fashion designer business established in 2015.” A short background into this business, is when I was studying my third year at the faculty of designer at TUT. I had a very interesting dream, they were majestic women who came to while I was sleeping and she said to me wake up (Tsoga) in that dream that moment I knew very well that I was called to create a brand that will speak to be identity of African woman”, she said that. Serati LDT create unquietly inspired fashion and soften interior products and service patterns

Ofentse Mkhumise who is an award winning makeup artist, he worked with cream de la cream of the fashion entertainment and cooperate industry. He has youthful modern approach to beauty specialising and fresh face looks with the best of vibrant colour. He is not only an extremely a talented makeup artist but also a creators who educate young people who are inspired to success in the industry.

Ofentse said when he started in the industry it was eleven years ago. He said when he started the makeup industry he had no idea that he wanted to be a makeup artist but he was chosen by god and ancestors to be in the field. “I was raised by 4 women, it was my two sisters, my mother and grandmother, you can imagine how fashion beauty was grooming a big part when I was growing in my life”, Ofentse Mkhumise said.

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