Urgent Need for Blood Donors: SANBS Drive Seeks to Boost Supply in 2023

By Hlakaniphile Vilakazi

Since the year 2023 has begun, the SANBS is experiencing high demand for blood from hospitals. There was a SANBS Drive tent at Gezina Galleries on 12 May 2023, which was from Soshanguve Crossing to Gezina Galleries. The aim of the Drive was to get more blood donors. According to Lemogang Taunyane, a professional nurse for SANBS, type O is a universal donor blood where each and every one of us can receive from all groups. ‘We have four types of rewards for blood donors, which are Showmax, Netflix, Spotify, and 1 GB data, but the donor is only allowed to choose one from the four rewards,’ said Lemogang Taunyane. Obeth Ndlovu, a blood transfusion technician, said, ‘I have never made a mistake when I am in the process of transfusing blood, but smaller mistakes do happen during the process which cannot cause harm to blood donors.’ He further said that if a blood donor collapses during the process of transfusing blood, he stops the process and takes care of the donor. Alex Matsena, a receptionist, said that they don’t sell the blood from donors. The blood falls under human tissue, so they are not allowed to sell it. He further said that they supply the blood to the hospitals. ‘It is very important to donate blood because there are babies who are born with different medical conditions that require transfusion with blood on a daily basis,’ said Obeth.

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