#WOMENSEdition: Clocking In, Emmah Mabye

In her debut poetry collection, Clocking In, Emmah Mabye journeys into man as a tripartite being – thus clocking into one’s spirit, soul and body – through poetry.

Clocking In, Emmah Mabye

This body of work hints on the power of art to create discourse, introspection of self, and a cause for reflection on a global scale. The poetry tackles everyday experiences that anyone can easily relate with. These experiences range from falling in and out of love, to intimate partner violence and the femicide that has gripped the country, poverty, societal pressure, racism (which sadly still exists), the struggle with spirituality to ultimately the affirmation of one’s self-worth and sense of purpose particularly as the youth. 

People can email emrhema@gmail.com to get a copy (price: R120).

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